Saturday, March 08, 2014

West Bromwich Albion 0 Manchester United 3

Credit when it's due, a very good performance today.

Admittedly, I only caught the 2nd half, but here're my five cents worth.

1) Far Better Performance
Not for the first time, this was indeed one of our better performances. Somehow everything seemed to click and there wasn't so much to complain about. Just note that we should not get too carried away, since for too many times this season, we end up crumbling at the very next game.

2) RVP And Rooney Can't Click
After watching this game, you kinda know who RVP was talking about when he spoke to the media about teammates getting into the same spaces as he was. That guy was Rooney. They can play together, but they just can't seem to play with any connection. Even Welbz and Rooney seemed to click better. Something's gotta give come this summer.

3) Some Players Still Arn't Buying It
Like I said earlier, there really isn't much to complain about since we won with such a good performance. But if there was something I noticed, it's that some of the senior players still arn't playing for David Moyes. Now I'd like to think that DM would certainly be smart enough not to play these players, but perhaps at times he doesn't have a choice due to the lack of a better alternative. Two players stood out like that for me today: Carrick and Evra. And that is why we need them replaced this summer. I love them both, but if the players don't want to play for the club or manager, then we have to let them go. They should be far more professional than that.

4) Most Have Qualified For Moyes' First Team
On that note, some other players have let their dedication and skills cement their starting spots. Players like Fellaini, DDG, Jones, Smalling, Januzaj, Welbz, Mata, and of course, Rooney, are almost certainly going to be around next season. If they continue playing like this, we will have something more to be optimistic about.

5) Still Long Way To Go
Let's not kid ourselves. WBA sucked too. So let's not get carried away. Next up, Liverpool at OT. If our boys want to really start a run, beating Liverpool would be ideal. Unfortunately, I don't really see that happening. I'll probably buy a small bet on Liverpool winning. Afterall, Moyes doesn't have the experience of beating Liverpool hasn't he?


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