Saturday, March 29, 2014

Manchester United 4 Aston Villa 1

After that lackluster 0-3 loss to Man City in the midweek, we came back with a nice reply. But still I want #moyesout

1) Midtable Supremacy
As I said in my FB post, today's game is the epitome of our midtable supremacy. Too much class to lose against most lower-tiered opposition, too lousy to beat the top 6-7. At this rate this is where we'll be at for as long as David Moyes is in charge.

2) Kagawa/Mata + Rooney
The trio just exudes sheer class, which is something we know not to expect DM of noticing. Such a joy to watch. Again, as with the game against West Ham, Kagawa and Mata combined so very well so often. Rooney's two goals were a result of their perfect combinations. Why DM didn't have the balls to use them against City I have no idea. Just hope we see more of the trio, with Januzaj as the final piece to the puzzle. Moyes is incapable of starting all four only because he's tactically incompetent.

3) Young and Buttner Are Crap
What does DM see in Ashley Young? Poor skills, poor first touch, poor vision, poor defence. Welbeck, Januzaj, Chicharito or even Valencia on the left wing would be so much better. Buttner is there perhaps to show Evra up, but he too does not deserve to play for United. Just not good enough defensively and offensively.

4) Fletcher The Unsung Hero + Fellaini
Darren Fletcher played really well today IMHO. Good enough to be my MOTM. Quietly controlling the tempo, good marking and making good forward passes to the offensive outlets, this is something we've missed for awhile now. With Carrick thoroughly underperforming, this could be Fletcher's time. Fellaini still hasn't justified his £27mil transfer fee, but he seems to be slowly getting there. While he may be poor with the ball, you've gotta give him credit for his tenacity and heading prowess. Both of which are lacking when he's not playing.

5) Defence In Tatters
Another crap performance in defence, bar maybe Vidic. Basically the setup is terrible: Rafael is reckless and injured, Valencia is no RB, Rio and Vidic are not performing well anymore, Evra is subpar (and suspended), Carrick is no CB, Buttner is shit, Jones is reckless, Smalling and Evans are injured. How else to fight on? Plus there is little coordination between any combo of the defensive lineup.

So Bayern Munich is up next. Be prepared for a hiding like 0-4 and up even at OT. Bayern is just far too strong for us and hopefully they can help push DM out the door by thrashing us both legs. I would think DM will play a highly defensive setup like a 4-6-0 formation though given his tactical incompetency, I'm not sure if he's even capable of that.



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