Saturday, March 15, 2014

Manchester United Vs Liverpool 08/09 Redux

 Watching rerun of Man Utd vs Liverpool 08/09 again.

What a fantastic team we had then: VDS, Evra, Vidic, Rio, O'Shea, Ando, Carrick, Park Ji Sung, Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez. Played quite well, subs were Giggs, Scholes and Berbs.

And still we lost 1-4 that day, but then we would go on to win the league and get into the finals of the UCL that season.

Hopefully we will win tomorrow, since we're not winning the league this season! Haha...


It also serves as a little life's lesson:

Just because there is a very good team already in place doesn't mean it will do well every single time.

But with a very good team in place, there will be enough wins to take you to the very top.

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