Sunday, March 02, 2014

Manchester United Not Playing This Weekend

What a boring weekend.

Since renewing my Singtel MioTV subscription, this weekend's evening entertaining hopefully does not forebode things to come.

The main thing is that Manchester United is not playing this weekend. For all of our poor performances this season, David Moyes crap tactics, and the players' zero desire to play for him, I somehow still am drawn to look forward to every match and its result.

Man Utd was supposed to play Man City in the EPL, but since Man City is playing in the final of the League Cup while we lost to Sunderland in the semis after a woeful penalty shootout, that game has been postponed.

At the same time, we need Man City to win so that them having qualified for the UCL means that an extra Europa League slot goes to the 6th-placed team in the EPL title race.


That's how desperate a situation we are in right now. No Europe potentially for next season.

I could go on and on about why I am starting to hate Moyes the manager, but I shan't.

Badly enough, Sunderland is actually leading 1-0 at halftime as I type this post :(

Anyway, the only good thing that I caught on cable was UFC Fight Night 35: Kim vs Hathaway. Unfortunately most bouts were pretty boring. In fact I thought the one we attended in Singapore was far more entertaining. But the final fight was pretty good with Kim beating Hathaway by way of TKO, landing a straight elbow in his face, knocking him out cold.


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