Sunday, September 27, 2015

JH Kim Taekwondo Singapore

I must say that the boy's punching and kicking techniques have improved tremendously.

JH Kim Taekwondo is definitely not the cheapest (it's a lot cheaper doing it in the Community Centers), but here the kids train in an aircon environment (not sure if that's appropriate though haha) and more importantly, the student to teacher ratio is far smaller. Presently both my kids are in 3:1 student to teacher classes. Of course it helps that we come at a less popular class timing.

Also there is class rescheduling flexibility of we had to miss classes. Classes are signed up and paid on a quarterly (term) basis. I guess end of day it will depend on whether the kids still want to carry on learning Taekwondo, but I think this minimum three month martial art class is definitely with the money.

Here's the most recent pricing guide:

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