Monday, September 28, 2015

Fatherhood Reflections XIII - The Agony Of Defeat

Today we let the boy experience what it feels like to lose.

He thought it would be fun to bet on a game of scissors paper stone with the winner gaining control of the TV (mummy vs son). Surely he thought he would end up watching the TV whether win or lose. So we emphasized to him that if he lost, he would NOT be watching his cartoons. Still he had that "Imma gonna win smirk".

Instead he came up with scissors vs the wifey's stone.

Suddenly he just burst to the ground and laid there crying! He cried and cried the hardest cry he could muster.

We watched and while our hearts softened, allowed that agony of defeat to sink in, with no recourse.

And this will turn into a big chapter in his life where he learns to feel the agony of defeat. Just like in the movie Inside Out, it has turned into a special memory filled with sadness and anger for him.

He will learn and be stronger for this. 

So proud of my boy ;)

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