Thursday, March 20, 2014

Manchester United 3 Olympiakos 0

Well technically I only watched the final 10 minutes, but it seemed enough to conclude that this season will be crap.

1) A Good Win Nonetheless
Before I start getting all complainy and negative, let me first state that, a win is always a good thing. However, as a fellow fan put it, I think a good portion of fans probably wanted Man Utd to lose, just so that David Moyes is that much closer to being shown the door. 

2) Standouts
As far as I've read, 3 players really stood out. RVP, obviously our hat-trick hero, but more surprisingly that he found his scoring boots when on Sunday he had none. Giggsy, what can I say, still the evergreen hero rolling back the years. DDG, safest hands in the league. If only his defending four were more competent.

3) So What Sucked? I
Well for starters, the final 10 minutes I watched were heart-in-mouth type of a performance. This is extremely unnecessary and is totally on Moyes' incompetent tactics. By requiring all 10 men to help in defence, all the defenders can do is hoof the ball clear and let another attacking wave come. This really cannot be the way and I'd have thought all those late goals we've been conceding this season should have taught Moyes something at least. Nope. So as long a we keep playing like this, we're going to get a lot of heartbreak in the dying minutes compared to ecstasy of Fergie time winners we're so used to.

4) So What Sucked? II
DM's crap tactics don't end there. With the score at 3-0, one goal from Olympiakos would've changed the mood in the media COMPLETELY. I can't emphasize this enough. That is how precarious an outcome a single goal could have resulted. Yet in spite of this, Moyes takes the ultra-conservative substitution approach, out with attackers and in go the DMs and defenders. Geez man, with abit more disciplined knockabout, we could've scored a couple more late goals on the counter instead. Nope. Ain't gonna happen under  Moyes' reign. Nope. I repeat. Late goals on the counter are NOT gonna happen with DM's shit tactics. Conceded, yes. Scored, nope.

5) And Suddenly...
We will win the Champions League?! C'mon seriously?! Moyes said that?! I wanna know what the guy's been amok in' the last 8 months man. I'm still holding out for him to get the sack. We need a forward-thinking manager, not one with midtable mentality ("We don't have to score three goals, just two and we'll get to extra time"). West Ham away next followed by Man City at home. Two crucial games that I don't mind if we lose. Let's see.



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