Sunday, March 16, 2014

Manchester United 0 Liverpool 3

Wow what a self destruction. It was as if our players couldn't wait to lose this match.

1) Three Penalties
How often do we see a team concede three penalties? That's how crazy our defence was. Plus we could've conceded one or two more too. That's just how reckless our defensive setup was, from Rafael, Jones, Vidic and Evra. Rafael is good but still hot headed and prone to doing something stupid. Same goes for Jones. Vidic has already secured a contract with Inter Milan so I have no idea why he should start. Evra has to go. Too unmotivated to play, that guy.

2) Carrick And RVP Disappoint
Up front, we seem to be faring much better, but Michael Carrick has also looked very dejected in his state of play. RVP is even worse. He looks like he has no where move to and hence has no choice but to pledge his allegiance to the club. His finishing was horrible. Both players can start making way for new blood. Even Rooney had a lousy game today, but at least you could see his dedication.

3) Slightly Brighter Spots
As usual, there were few bright spots after a lose, but players like Mata, Januzaj and DDG are sheer class. Too bad Mata is shunted to the left, Januzaj is still raw, and DDG has a lousy defence in front of him. Even Fellaini is slowly but surely starting to stamp his authority.

4) Another Tactical Nightmare
How predictable are we? Well we literally play without much imagination. Although we finally ditched the 4-4-2, go-wide-cross-hope, we're now in a very predictable 4-2-3-1 when our front four are fit. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that flooding the midfield will circumvent this formation. Moyes really needs to work on tactics if he's gonna stay.

5) A New Low
As if the season can't get any worse. As of now, we're out of the two local cups, losing 0-2 to a lousy team in the UCL Round of 16, and cemented in 7th spot in the league. By next weekend, we could be out of every cup competition and drop to 8th in the league. No more European soccer next season that's for sure.

Olympiakos beckons...



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