Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dinosaurs: Dawn To Extinction

Here's my review.

Brought the kids to the ArtScience Museum today to see this exhibition.

Was left impressed by the museum and the exhibits.

1) Bigger Than At The Singapore Science Centre
For starters, I was surprised that the exhibition was larger and had more exhibits than the last two dinosaur-related exhibitions held at the Singapore Science Centre. My initial thoughts were that of how the dinosaur bones would be transported up that lotus-shaped exhibition hall. Instead I found out this was held at level B1 which obviously had far more floor area. 

2) Better Exhibit Quality
There was also a far better exhibit quality than the what we've seen at previous exhibitions. The exhibition was very well structured to showcase not just its larger collection of bones and dioramas, it was also more informative. If not for the kids always trying to skip the wordy write ups or non-fully erected dino exhibits, most adult visitors would have spent a far longer time combing through the exhibition.

3) More Interactive
In particular for families with kids, this exhibition was far more interactive, with alot more puzzles and little nooks and crannies for tots to touch, see, hear and explore. We also got to participate in two different craft workshops for kids (making dinosaur arts and craft.

For $20/adult, this was also cheaper, and with family packages available, we paid $64 for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids.

Highly recommended!

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