Thursday, March 06, 2014

Quote Of The Day Rebirth

YOU know it's a LONG day when there is always one colleague whose "England is damn buang"!

Here is the best compilation of almost 8 years worth of quips!

We all dress up together. One for one and one for one.” (wanted to say "one for all and all for one")

That place quite boring sometimes. No freshernism.” (wanted to say "freshness level")

I own you fifty bucks.

Jet land on a helijet.

If you put in enough funds I can UPSIZE you to the premium account, sir.

"Yah...I think I will need Medical Oil."

The guy asks a lot of questions about options, like VENGA, gamma...

Gammaphone.” (wanted to say "gramophone")

Anominous.” (wanted to say "anonymous")

Clab craw.” (wanted to say "crab claw")

Smooth your soul.” (wanted to say "soothe your soul")

"Renanovate." (wanted to say "renovate")

Poke poke poke then suck.

I am a good defencer.” (wanted to say "defender")

Hip hap.

Pwa turtle.

Power of Eternity.” (wanted to say "attorney")

Let me send this to your regisdential address.

Whassabout I come by your place and pick up your cheque?

Hallabout I come by your place to pick up your cheque?

I think I just got Gooseberries.” (wanted to say "goosebumps")

Salivate like a snail.

Let’s rolling!

You need to wear crunchers to work?” (wanted to say "crutches")

It’s not in our juridism.” (wanted to say "jurisdiction")

...if jpy can't appreciate this time now I think we can dead.


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