Friday, February 27, 2004

When Credit Is Due

the original title for this blog was immunity from tuberculosis, but i decided to change the title the more i continued writing about afterthoughts of what happened last night...

just back from sata, jurong east. the check up was really fast and i'm back in school within an hour. all the nurse there did was use this super kiddy ruler (it's got disney prints on it!) to measure the red spot on my lower arm where they injected on tuesday. it was quite huge i think, like had a radius of 0.5-0.6cm, which means i have the tuberculosis antibodies i think. anyway this checkup just means that my health medical has been cleared.

haven't heard from guythrie yet though (pulls sad face).

also read heigui's comments about yesterday's ih appreciation. i think he's quite right to say that the judging system this year seems extremely flawed. who the hell's the cab chairman this year man? and what're the rec and sport secretaries doing?

haiz maybe they had reasons for their choices lah but...

when heigui gets long service award for only 2 years of service AND gets only a merit award for scrabble WHILE thomas myself and mark gets the full colours AND the long service awards, there's really something wrong.

when my cab ic for scrabble/boggle hardly ever witnessed the drama and comraderie of the team during its trainings and watch the evolution of growth into what turned out into a completely different lineup in the teams than originally planned WHILE sposedly being a part of the team, and yet having to give credit where it's due, there's really something wrong.

when my cab ic for hockey didn't even watch a single game of hockey we played nor was present at any trainings AND yet had to give out the awards (at least he was gracious enough to ask me, though it was too late anyway, chai nam should've gotten something for hockey), there's really something wrong.

when i'm being interviewed for my nomination for the rec man of the year, there's really something wrong.

some people also think there's something wrong when the male softball team got the sports team of the year while getting only into the softball semifinals while the waterpolo team got the silver medal. some people also think that the scrabble/boggle team OR at least the snooker team was more deserving of the rec team of the year over the darts team. heck, some people even thought i should've gotten sportsman of the year (ha!). some people could tell that the videos were crap and there were very uneven amounts of footage accorded to the different groups of people who contributed. and most people could tell that the event as a whole was quite disorganised.

whatever the case, it does show that some people up there arn't really doing their work. there's a problem when credit is not given when they're due because it makes people wonder why they ever bothered and why they should ever bother again. in the words of a close friend, to make us go down for the ih appreciation AND THEN exhibiting such blatantly incompetent guile in their selections of the credit given is worse than a slap in the face for the many who deserved more, so much so that we'd have felt better if we didn't attend the whole thing. this whole thing doesn't bother me so much because i've gotten past that stage quite some time ago already, from the times when upper administration began to lag. but for those who've been neglected, my sympathies go out to you.

yet as much complaints that we might have, i think we've all come far enough in this chapter of our lives to realise that making noise really doesn't help a single shite. we just leave with the impressions we were left with and hope to avoid history from repeating itself (though somehow or other they always do!) in our future lives.

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