Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Just Keep Swimming!

went swimming with joe mark steven and jackson just awhile ago. swimming in the night at src pool is way fun and great exercise. gotta do it more often. it was suppsed to be a male bonding period, though i dun recall much bonding today but steven couldn't resist showing the rest of us his godzilla rise-outta-water act. its starts off with his violent bubbling underwater following which he peeks his eyes out of the water while he's got both hands on his nose like a beak and then as his head rises he tries to churn a roar which sounds damn pussy-like. its quite hilarious, really! mark still can't swim. beth, if you're reading this, remember to buy him a pair of power-puff girl arm floats next vday!

before that was nuahing my life away watching tv...val came over to watch too. beth gave her her super belated vday pressie, the book 'the five people you meet in heaven' i'll read that when she's done. currently still trying to find time to finish up joe's 'big fish'. ah, i must mention that comedy 'police and theif' is damn bloody funny. its got a wonderful cast and at long last, good scriptwriters! and mark lee is really quite funny when he speaks good english or at least tries to. i strongly recommended the show, tuesdays 8pm.

guess thats about all for tonight liaoz. shite, this blogger crap is getting quite addictive. there's this unexplainable yearn to log in entries when i'm online. argh. next stop: new and improved blogger site for me! nite!

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