Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Die Die Must Try!

i received another lifeline for fyp just now. just went to see my supervisor after slogging it out in the lab for the better half of the day. he's quite satisfied with the amount of work i've put in so far, yet without any results, there's really nothing he can do to justify a better-than-pass grade.he's mapped out the time left to hand in my report liao. in fact the first draft deadline i need only to hand in my first 3 chapters of the report, while continuing with the experiments. report to be handed in only at the end of march. not too bad of a sup as long as i keep to my end of the bargain. the bloody transducers still are pms-ing on me time and time again hopefully they'll work properly tomorrow when my sup comes down to look at things. whatever it is i'll just do my utmost and hope for the bloody best lah!

eeeks, as a side note, i've gotta hand in my application forms for the campusa program by the end of the week lest i jeopardise my usa dream. the photo pictorial thingy thats required is quite a bitch and i haven't really gotten down to doing it yet. probably just end up doing the pictorial on microsoft word lah, better than nothing.

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