Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Back From The Jab

i can't believe i actually managed to haul my lifeless self outta bed this morning at 9am to take a bus down to jurong east sata(i just realised it means singapore anti-tuberculosis association) for an immunity inspection jab. the exact same jab i tok in primary 6 which exempted me from the bcg back then, and again in sec sch. unfortunately this time round the swell seems to have subsided pretty fast, doesnt look like i got much immunities left haha. friday gotta go back there to get my results.

finally bought a pack of catfish for my bitch. it seems to be hunting everyday and its helped bring down the population of living things in my tank. mr clips died fighting with it, mr replacement turtle got chomped and its lifeless body was wedged between a couple of plants, the 3 guppies mysteriously 'disappeared', 3 africas couldnt hold out the hulk, and even the sand-hiding sam and frodo(the two sand dwelling gars) couldn't escape the bitch's hunger pangs. so there. more catfish to feed it. its grown big liaoz, and i mean big-daddy-o kinda big like 5" laioz, and helps keep the tiger barb population in check. squishie the survivor (its a cute overgrown swordtail thats been around since day one) has miraculously survived through all this. i think its happy, in fact if you stare at it closely enough it sometimes looks like its smiling.

okie i'm off to school to do my fyp now, probably post another log later on.

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