Thursday, February 26, 2004

Two Glasses Of Chardonnay And A Can of Asahi

good morning! i just managed to drag myself outta bed. like i just told val, when you got something like fyp to worry about, waking up earlier is really no problemo.went to bathe and i'm off to the dreaded fluid mechanics lab right aftr i finish with this blog.

"maybe it's just that little exhibitionist streak in all of us. or maybe it's terrible, that we're so cooped up behind our computers that blogging is the laziest and easiest way to update our friends about our lives. terrible, maybe, but terribly convenient too :P" - beth

i think its quite true. the online journal allows that bit of feel-good factor that keeps our spirits up, secretly knowing that someone might read our blog and share whatever we may be going through. maybe thats why my blogs always seem to have a nice dressed-up feel as compared to the drabby, couldn't-care-less style in my poor little black book which i write more personal stuff. how commercial.

having a sore throat this morning from too much hollering and singing during last night's cheonging session.

last night's all budget trip ended up with me spending a grand total of $29.50! its lousy budgetting considering the girls didn't spend a cent, but a cheap cheong outing nonetheless. good music flowed during premium periods here and there and i think the rest were plagued by the still-not-high-enough feeling. but for me, man i was ready once the gyrating began.

upon arrival at mhd sultan (the taxi driver was a schumacher wannabe!) from a dizzy ride, the girls went off to dbl-o to get their free drinks (cheapos!). poor leon and i had to be left in the lurch, which wasn't all that bad considering male-bonding beat being stuck in a taxi filled with yakky girls hands down. he accompanied me for a burger at the kopitiam down the road and we talked about erm...stuff. that guy is like a clam man, gotta pry and pry and pry...(kaypoh instincts acting up). that poor chap has got some issues lah but he doesn't wanna open up to the rest of us. poor guy. anyway, after the burger we both went to 7-11 to get our drinks. i got myself two servings of wine and a can of beer, quite sure that that would enough to get me sufficiently high. then we hung out outside of tivoli's watching american idol group 3 (watch for amy adams!).

the girls made an appearance after some time, i think they were trying to drink themselves silly with the freeflow (though i keep telling them freeflows always diluted) which didn't seem to work. on the other hand two servings of wine and a beer had already gotten me in a doozy...we then hopped to newsroom bar for the retro there. music was ok-kay only lah. it was afterthat when we went over to mdm wong's that the music turned good. so for the rest of the night we were either at nrb or mw trying to catch the retro sessions...

okie lah this log is getting abit long winded, more updates later. time for fyp!!!

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