Thursday, February 26, 2004

Happy Tots!!

ah... the blissfulness of a smooth running system. today, i did my first proper experiment for my fyp, a zero-ing of the transducers installed in the squeeze film rig. the results were *deep breath* satisfactory. then i did the same experiment a few more times just to be sure. yeah i know its a small step. but its a small step towards bigger things in my fyp. my sup called in sick today so he's not free to come watch me perform in my solo circus, how sad.

the whole mpe concept of fyp is one of extreme solitude. there's that feeling of loneliness while doing it and when there're problems, the only people that can be turned to are the labtechs or some of the masters students, maybe for a lucky few, even their own supervisors. these people are supposedly there to help, but there's no sense of urgency in them because they have no deadlines to meet and OUR experiments and projects really arn't THEIR problem. if the project cocks up, the fyp student fails, not them. so whether they can solve any of the problems or not, really isn't right up there in their priority list. i mean they might end up solving it, but it'll take days, weeks maybe even months. and the number of channels they try to put you through is more often than not unnecessary. nope, there're no partners or group members to bond with you for better or worse in the journey that is fyp like all the other schools. it's all a one-man show. how sad that each and every graduating mpe student will travel this impressive year-long experience with no one with whom to tide the troughs and joys together.

anyway, its happy tots day!!! things arn't so bad in MY barren field of solitude. could be better, but satisfactory nonetheless. the transducers have started showing pretty accurate results of late, my software program is going good (nothing beats doing something from scratch YOURSELF), the computer hard disk didn't crash on me for the second consecutive day (that's a feat) and mr labtech-with-the-pokemon-bag (its true!) didn't bother me one bit. so i have to be appreciative of all things going my way and soak up this good feeling of accomplishment for all its worth.

*deep breath*

there. i feel much better already.

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