Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Die Another Day

okie, the lab techs had to remind me like 4 times that the lab was closing. the final straw was when the most senior, balding labtech, already with a cute Pokemon (yes! uncles buy them too!) haversack slung over his shoulder, walked over with several plastic bags in tow and signalled me as if to say i really really had to go.


well i did get the hard disk up and running for a brief moment at around 430. my face was quite well-lit when that dumb machine came to life. it was then a mad rush to do the experiments i had to do but alas nothing's meant to be, even my results don't tally. boo hoo. toopid machine.

geez. i'll be off to war again tommorrow. maybe things might get better...or worse...haiz.

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