Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Dying Inside To Hold You

as if my fyp isn't giving me enough headache. just when i thought the worst was over i went to the fluids mechanics lap this afternoon and walked right into another fyp slimy eeky cunning stunt of a booby trap! dogshite. my hard disk is dying on me. yes no kidding (those dubious of my computing prowess, behold!) i even got my labtech AND (just for good measure) the comlab tech to verify that ailing piece of wreck. boo hoo!! such heartache ALL and i mean ALL my fyp work is in that dumb piece of junk!!! argh!! i could leap off a cliff right now and do several cartwheels while i'm at it. grrr....shoot. xianz. haiz.

my only hope now is that it might start up later whereby i shall attempt to back up all my files into a zip drive. but thats just a faint hope for now. the comlab tech told me the hard disk was susceptible to overloading and the main problem could've been that i had too many heavy programs in the computer. he said i should wait till evening before i try once (he did emphasize just once, "if die then try tom lor", dumb balding old bag...*fume*) argh.

why do i have to wait on this man. i really don't deserve this! i don't! well maybe a little, BUT the software trauma AND the drilling trauma would have sufficed! boo hoo. why this now?! boo freakin' hoo.

*sniff* watch this wet space.

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