Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Guess I'll Die Another Day

i have made it a point that ALL my fyp-related blogs will have the word 'die' in the title.

today's work done so far was, to put it nicely, fruitless. i'm still getting crap results and things still arn't going my way what with this breaking down, that overspilling, peeing in my pants...okie the last bit wasn't true. haiz argh argh argh. i still don't understand why the hell i got myself in this crap-of-a-mess-of-an-fyp in the first place.

its just like the analogy i told val a while ago, its like i've got this really expensive ruler that gives me wrong readings. now i know the readings are wrong because my years in academia have told me so, but the bloody ruler is too bloody expensive and takes too long to replace, so i've gotta tweak the freakin' ruler to get the right results. and until now, i've fixed the measurement unit, the accuracy of its measurement and maybe even the bloody length of the ruler, AND I STILL DUN GET GOOD RESULTS! doing lab experiments have never been THIS tough!

i specially woke up early for nothing!

and later we're gonna recalibrate all the pressure transducers all over again just because the sensitivity of the transducers have change due to some minor tweaks me made. argh. this sucks.

on a lighter note, i sure am looking forward to the cheonging session tonight man, i think i badly need it. though i'm still planning on how i can drink myself silly on a pathetic $20 budget that includes cabfare? ( 1 tiger + 1 wine + throwing self into deepest drain in mhd sltn = brief high for a good 7minutes followed by excruciating pain). and not to say the least, there's gonna be more quirky just-shows-how-lazy-these-people-are show and tell from my fav teacher, entertainer, clown, dry-drooler, secret lover and all round lovable plush toy! main man, dang-dang-ta-ta...*drumroll* guru aziz!!! *cymbal clash* yeah check it, check it out y'all!!! this week's highlight contest from my good man - just how much drool will have dried on the side of HIS mouth by the end of lesson!!! guess the amount and win! just sms I-LOV-MATs and win attractive prizes!

geez i'm bored. time to go back and fight my fyp war.

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