Saturday, February 28, 2004

The Morning After

bloody dog shite. just when i was halfway through writing how fun last night was, my computer crashed on me. darn, now gotta write all over...

bloody sore throat again this morning!

okie so as i was mentioning, last night was perhaps the most fun cheonging session i've had in a long long time! and perhaps the best i've had this year. all the elements that made a cheong session damn bloody powderful were present. ALL of them.

the night didn't start off looking that way though. leon was the first to be there around 1015 while i took the mrt after dinner with val and reached around 1030. we both went to 7-11 for a beer before meeting up with mulian outside newsroom bar.

we then decided to start off without the rest, thank goodness we did. because the rest came so late (thanks to either shumei or zhiqi lah whichever). by the time we went in the music was already quite good and the place was filling up liaoz, so we shared a bottle of chivas regal and started to chill.

one of the fantastic things about last night was the music. the three of us agreed that the music they played last night was unconventional retro. thats retro music that isn't in the same medley arrangement as most mumbo jumbo compilations that alot of clubs use. which was really good because the mixes were great and alot of songs we hardly hear anymore were all aired. funnily enough the only song of significance that i DIDN'T hear last night was YMCA, which we all seemed to be waiting for. they also played alot of retro songs that were considered retro retro! haha it just means retro songs that havent been played for a long time liao. so i knew all the words (mark too!)! haha.

anyway the impunctual troupe of shumei zhiqi xiuwen desiree kelvin and mark (gasp! didn't expect him to come since i didn't bother jioing anyone) who left from hall finally arrived around midnight. by this time the three of us were quite high liaoz, so we let them take over the drinking. haha the funny thing was that i started offering everyone drinks EXCEPT to shumei and zhiqi haha citing erm their erm, poor drinking record. but hey it worked lor! neither of them were drunk!! whoopee (yet another reason why last night was so fun!)

it was so fun that we actually cheonged till newsroom bar closed! which is quite fantastic if you consider that i can't rememeber the last time i partied in a club till it closed. we were singing and dacing for almost the WHOLE TIME as compared to previous sessions when we rested when they played medleys of songs that sucked and we didn't like dancing to (i call them toilet-break medleys). haiz what a waste man, wish lichun could've been there to enjoy with us, haha (okie shall not make you so jealous anymore, but you really really would have super super loved it! *zip*). for a moment, it even brought memories back to the good old days of year one and two when i cheonged like crazy first with the 42 gang and then with my 44 buddies. geez i must be getting old...

anyway by the end of the whole thing everyone still seemed quite sober. even desiree and kelvin who don't really like retro (prefering house and techno respectively) agreed that this night was one of the better ones.

afterwhich the 8 of us (minus zhiqi) went to 179 for supper, before returning to hall.

by the time we reached hall was around 4 lidat liaoz, then leon and mark began talking outside my room and before we knew it zix and shengyong also came and join us. we ended up yakking till 530am, so crazy.

i haven't bathed since last night nor washed up since i awoke and i think i reek of alcohol now haha. even when i went to take a piss just now the alcohol smell was so strong! think i must've drank quite alot last night.

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