Thursday, February 26, 2004


crap. just when i thought the day was going fine i get a call from guythrie from aceglobal questioning why joe and mark have got the aceglobal registration forms with them. i did tell her i didn't know the registration forms weren't sposed to be distributed (honest!) but she said she told one of either mark or joe that they should not get the forms from me before paying their registration fee. apparently there's an agreement between iccp and aceglobal that the forms cannot be distributed from peer-to-peer. haiyah but it doesn't matter liao lah, what's done's been done.

so whatever it is now she says she'll email her boss to see if we're to be penalised for this and she'll let me know of his reply tommorrow. apparently iccp will not be too happy with aceglobal should they find out that their registration forms have been distributed as such and might penalise them. wah xianz. as much as i understand that the onus is upon me not to have distributed the forms i don't think they should take away my opportunity to be a camp counsellor just like that! argh. if i'm to miss campusa all cuz of this i really dunno what to do man. xianz.

dog shite.

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