Friday, February 27, 2004

IH Appreciation Dinner

was at the ih appreciation dinner just now. nothing really special to crow about. food was alright (the potato wedges were good!) and there were a few lousy videos that didn't interest me much regarding the ih. the only thing noteworthy were the enormous amount certificates i got...hmm lets see...

merit award for rugby
merit award for waterpolo
half colour award for soccer
half colour award for hockey
half colour award for sepak takraw
full colour award for softball
full colour award for scrabble
full colour award for boggle
merit team for waterpolo
team of the year for softball
semi-finalist medal for softball
silver medal for waterpolo
silver medal for scrabble
gold medal for boggle
long service award for 4 years of rec

quite a hefty lot eh? but know what? the funny thing is that all these awards hardly mean anything to me. yup. its sad but true, maybe aside from the scrabble and boggle medals, everything else hardly means a thing. i think maybe its because i've become more subdued lah.

the events in hall these days arnt very impressive to be honest. i've definitely seen better days. nowadays the people organizing them look like they're just going through the motion of the obligatory events. there is little enthusiasm or drive. but then again why for possess such qualities when you don't bother whether people have fun or even turn up at all? oh hark, i do remember a time when things weren't like that. haiz.

in fact the most exciting activity of the night?

soccer in the comm-hall!!!

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