Tuesday, February 24, 2004

First Post On My New Website!

okie this'll be my final post for the day. funny that the title says first post but i've conveniently deleted the earlier rubbish. it's pretty exhausting trying to tweak the little things(hey they DO matter) and after all's said and done, there's hardly anything satifactory about tweaking them in the first place! grrr. anyway i managed to add all the links of websites i often visit..and that's really the best i can do. still no pix, no dumb comments....argh.

there isnt much to talk about for today i spose.

had what-has-now-become-a-routine lunch with joe, thomas and howren at canteen 9 (if anyone wants to join, ideally you wake at 1130 and lunch will be at 1230 same place), then walked to school where i was sposed to work on my part of my hrm project.

ended up deciding to walk joe all the way to the south spine (by golly its far i tell ya!) and go to the medical centre for my medical, but when i got there the bloody place had just closed for lunch. kie so now i know the medical centre closes between 1pm and 2pm. dog shite. so i trudged all the way back to mpe, mind you i was sweating at this point, and hid in the com lab till the medical centre opened.

so back i was at the medical centre at ard 230 to have my jabs. had one for typhoid and another for dhy-smtg-smtg and then ate some bitter liquid for polio. total cost? $65! no wonder singapore's biomed sector is reaching its $20billion market share worldwide! hooray for my contribution! afterthat my arms were really weak. i mean really weak lor. like so damn weak i wouldn't be able to erm...do erm...stuff. yeah. and the left side hurt too.

afterthat was malay. nothing much lah, brudder.

alumni meeting at 8pm. only our second one yet. but things're startin to get done liaoz. hopefully we'll see some fruit pretty soon.

meanwhile along the way i even found time to discuss and plan a cheonging trip come wednesday! ultra-budget trip! our plan is to take the mrt there then girls drink free at newsroom bar while guys go 7-11 then afterthat all go mdm wong's to cheong. great idea eh? haha got mulian chun beth and leon on board liao. oh boy i'm excited.

hmm funny that i thought there wasnt much to talk about today...hmm. anyway that should be about it lah. tom morn gotta go sata in jurong east for a tuberculosis jab (another one!) so think i better go koonz soon.

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