Friday, April 04, 2014

Stat Bike Ride

Clocked a half hour on the stationary bike today.

Haven't exercised since I tore my ACL so I was abit apprehensive about going on the bike for too long. In fact I missed the OCBC Cycling 2014 because of that fear of aggravating the knee again.

Wow I shouldn't have worried too much man. 

Firstly, the orthopedic surgeon said I should really work hard on strengthening my quads by cycling and swimming ONLY. These are the only two exercise activities that are intensive and yet don't strain my torn meniscus.

Secondly, the half hour ride on the bike gave me very little pain in the knee. Apart from an initial 5min start where I suspect the pain was due to not exercising for too long, the rest was a breeze. In fact I tested my directional change motions and they were so ok, I feel like I could go play football again! 

Anyway I need to put in more effort in the gym. My muffin top is getting too obvious!

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