Sunday, April 06, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Managed to catch the movie in Jakarta over the weekend.

1) Awesome As Usual
As with all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, this installment was awesome as usual. Funnily enough I didn't really like the first installment.

2) Just Like In The Comics
What I really like about these movies is the fact that I relate a lot of it to the comics I used to read as a teenager. I still have a huge stash of it (some 400-500+) in the storeroom. Tales like The Uncanny X-Men, The Amazing Spiderman, X-Force, The Avengers, all helped me grow up to become what I am. And it's great to see it all come to life in the movies.

3) Them Easter Eggs
'Nuff said.

4) I Love Scarlett Johanson
As the Black Widow, she looks to have aged somewhat (maybe it's her marriage :P) but still looking hot as Agent Romanov. Amazing actress. Hope to see even more of her in the upcoming installments.

5) Can't Wait For Quiksilver And The Scarlett Witch
Set to appear at Avengers: The Age of Ultron, these twins are going to rock! Stay till the end credits!

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