Friday, April 11, 2014

MUFC Vs FC Bayern Munich II

Ok, so as expected, we bowed out of the UCL with a 1-3 loss to Bayern in the 2nd leg. At least we had a good showing during the first leg.

I don't feel that sad since most fans were expecting a wipeout and a 2-4 aggregate score over two legs isn't half bad. Heck, I didn't even stay up to watch the match.

So what now? There's hardly anything to look forward to this season anymore.

I guess mainly we just hope to win all our remaining games. Hope that Man City or Chelsea can somehow win the league instead of Liverpool. Hope that we have some new players in the bag by now. Hope that we make the UEFA Europa League at least. Hope that Moyes will be shown the door, or make some really radical changes in his backroom staff and working techniques that could bring about some optimism.

Else there really isn’t much to look forward to for the rest of this season.



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