Sunday, April 27, 2014

Manchester United 4 Norwich 0

So it was just Norwich. Yet this was probably the most anticipated game of the season. The only one that comes close was maybe Moyes first league game (4-1 against Swansea).

1) Good Riddance David Moyes
With him finally sacked after that crap performance at Everton last week, as with the whole lousy season we've had, Manchester United was finally allowed to play with swag and aplomb again. Embracing attacking as our best form of defence truly is the United way. Boy did we miss that. Last night's performance really made us think about what might have been if we have a more competent manager at the start.

2) Enter Ryan Giggs
This is the stuff dreams are made of. Every fan's respected player, having watched him journey through the youth academy since he was 12, to tearing teams apart since 1991, to winning almost every trophy imaginable, and now interim manager. Some day he will be full time manager, every fan wants that. Add to that the rest of his Class of '92 backroom staff, Butt, Scholes, Neville, makes things all the more romantic. The mere sight of the four of them walking abreast on the field makes my hair stand with emotion.

3) The Players Are Different
Maybe it was the occasion, maybe there was too much pent up emotions, maybe everyone just wanted to show up finally. Whatever their personal reasons, everyone played with so much more zest and commitment. Players were willing to fight for each other and commitment to let the football flow. I can't even name a handful because the whole team was just playing out of its skin. Even when the team had nerves in the first half and the football wasn't as slick, everyone was still far more committed than any time this season. And once the goals came, the play became more relaxed and our tiki-taka free flow football became such a joy to watch. Even the poor performers IMHO, Cleverley and Young really played with far more commitment.

4) The Star Performers
With our free flowing game, many of our flair players finally got the chance to put in their slick moves. Kagawa and Welbeck were particularly impressive in the first half. Valencia looke rusty but seemed to be back to his bullish ways. He's just so strong. Mata coming on was also very impressive and Evra always does well in attack when he feels it. The back four of Jones, Rio, Vidic and Evra were also very settled, unlike in earlier games where there was so much nerves. Jones is such a monster when he's not playing CB. The one touch passing out of danger was cool as ice. Unlike most games this season, even when we let Norwich come at us, I never felt nervous that they would score. That's how confident the back four were performing.

5) The Manchester United Way
It took Moyes' 10mth tenure to show us fans that there was truly quantifiable in the Manchester United way. We have taken it so much for granted that nobody appreciated it until it was lost. The art of free flowing football, transitioning defence to attack, adopting a philosophy of 'attack, attack, attack', and channeling home grown youths into our teams with the right mindset. It was all summed up by last night's performance that Giggs brought back - 25(11) shots on goal was the most in any MU game this season. Nuff said. Long may this continue.

There may not be anything left to play for this season. We very well will miss out on Europe as well. Louis van Gaal will very likely be the next manager next season. But with the sacking of Moyes and allowing Giggs to take the interim reins, every fan feels alive once more. It's as good a feeling you can get, yesterday was certainly the best game I've watched this season and I'm so excite for our next game against Sunderland.


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