Monday, April 21, 2014

Everton 2 Manchester United 0


How many times this season have I said it was the worst performance I've ever seen in a game? Lost count. Add last night's game to the tally.

1) Moyes Is Useless
As I've said almost every game, this guy is useless and clueless. The team doesn't know what it's doing and no one on the pitch or in the dugout knows what kind of tactics are deployed. It all boils down to one incompetent manager. Worse yet his soundbites after the game illustrates our worst fears: he's deluded too. He actually said he thought we played well. Wonder what game was he watching?

2) Players Not Accounting For Themselves Anymore
Almost the entire team didn't look like tey wanted to play for this Moyes team. Or they haven't a clue perhaps. One would think that with the fat paychecks they've got, the players would put shit tactics aside and try harder for the team. Ain't gonna happen. The team looks like they want Moyes out too and they're showing it on the pitch. Can things get even more awful? Quite possibly so.

3) Fletcher Leads By Example
If there's one player I felt made the only effort in the game, it was Darren Fletcher. He wasn't super effective nor was he showing sublime skill or what not, but he really tried his best to get the whole team going. At least he should deserve the captaib's armband.

4) Rooney The Captain
Speaking of the captaib's armband. Wayne Rooney, earner of £300,000/week sure didn't look like he wanted to play. Very off form and unenthusiastic, he must've been leading by example in the zero enthusiasm and communication department

5) Moyes The Inept Team Selector
Yet again, the poor performances boil down to this guy. This time in the department of team selection. Nani hasn't started for half a year and he gets to start such a big game? Someone's desperate to put him on the shop window. Alex Buttner is so shit at LB that it is no wonder Evra has looked complacent over the last few seasons. The guy plays with the same mentality as his current boss - midtable mentality. And don't tell me there are no other options, not when we have such a splendid youth setup and nothin to play for. Phil Jones is my hero at times last season. An absolute monster in tenacity. But now you know why SAF was reluctant to play him at CB. He's too much of a hothead and a tiling time bomb. Too bad Moyes cannot see that. Chris Smalling, another perennial first name on this season's team sheet, plays ok at CB, terribly error prone at RB. Rooney even with his shit performance, gets guaranteed football. Zero communication throughout. Moyes just doesn't get it. Maybe he travels too much watching other players rather than his own.

Ok rant over. Bring on the next game, while I won't mind if we lose, as long as Moyes comes closer to the sack!



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