Monday, August 31, 2015

Swansea 2 Manchester United 1

Swansea beat us fair and square. So many things to blame. And also everyone finds blame when we lose. If we had won, nobody would be complaining.

1) Key Turning Point
I actually thought we played fairly well up until we conceded the first goal in the 67th minute. Mata had put us in front and we seemed to be cruising, even if we lacked the cutting edge up front. Then suddenly Rooney lost the ball far too easily, Swansea broke and found the net immediately. Then it was downhill from there.

2) Rooney Is To Blame
Of course the easiest way out is find the nearest culprit. But Rooney wasn't just culpable for that easy goal. Everything he touched was a tad bit too slow or went to an opponent. I really can't find anyone else to blame so directly for this loss today. LVG's blind faith in Rooney may end up causing his downfall. His philosophy better bring trophies this season.

3) Romero Is No DDG
Yup, even after five clean sheets, one game is all it took to see clearly that Sergio Romero just isn't good enough. And soon, our opponents are gonna exploit his dodgy ball handling and poor distribution. The 2nd goal was a large part his fault when he couldn't cover his near post properly.

4) Luke Shaw And Bastian Schweinsteigger
Both actually played really well today. Too bad the score line meant nobody cares.

5) Poor Substitutions
Herrera subbed, Mata subbed, Schneiderlin subbed. Only Schneiderlin should've been subbed. Carrick came on and did an okay job. Mata scored the first goal and was quite effective. Yet he came off for Young, who in itself was a bad substitution, but Depay was the one who should have come off. Herrera was also having a pretty good game and subbing Fellaini in was understandable. Yet what of Rooney the slow coach? He really should have come off instead.

Unfortunately it is starting to show that LVG has preferred treatment for certain players. Yet while all this is understandable and good when we win, if he cannot see through their poor performances, then he deserves the door if we continue with such poor form.


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