Sunday, August 16, 2015

SG GE 2015: What's Happened Since 2011?

So right after GE14 in 2011, I shared a chunk of my thoughts.

What's happened after that? Here's a breakdown.

1. WP actually went on to win the by-election of Punggol-East SMC in 2013 after PAP MP Michael Palmer stepped down. Renaming the new areas of Aljunied, Hougang and Punggol-East, AHPETC, the WP have governed with mixed reviews, depending on your news sources. It hasn't been terrible, but it hasn't been all that great either. This coming GE15 will actually show whether in particular, voters in Aljunied GRC will still want to endorse the WP lineup and their form of governing. They are also looking strong ins both Marine Parade and East Coast GRCs this time around.

2. George Yeo was and is still the biggest loser of the 2011 GE. But he has gone on to respectfully do alot of other things in the private sector and has probably even increased in popularity. His decision not to return to politics in 2015 has only helped make him even more popular. Probably a very likely candidate for President when Tony Tan steps down.

3. Mr Chiam is so old now and yet he still goes around with his wife to campaign. There is alot of respect for Mr Chiam from all Singaporeans regardless of political affiliation. He was another of the old guard who truly cared for his people.

4. The SDP has been almost unheard of since the last GE, a continuing problem that plagues all other parties other than the PAP and WP. This time around, the big wigs are gone and the old bird has returned. Who else but Mr Chee Soon Juan himself. I hope age has helped him mellow, otherwise, be prepared for more fireworks from him.

5. Nicole Seah couldn't take the pressures of being such a political starlet. A series of poor choices and bad maneuvers made her decide to step away from the limelight. So she's sitting GE15 out, as announced recently. Still extremely popular and who knows if she'll ever make a comeback, but given her political clout, I hope she doesn't let that go to waste.

6. Tin Pei Ling. My, my, what four years of being a politician has changed many a mind, including mine. She has definitely gone on to prove so many naysayers wrong. One of the few MPs who starting walking the ground the moment she piggy-backed GCT in Marine Parade, she has actually earned respect from her residents for truly caring about them. And it has not gone unnoticed. This coming GE15, Macpherson SMC has been carved out as a single ward and she's been given the honour of staying on to fight an incoming WP candidate. A testament to PAP's confidence in her retaining her seat (or maybe not?). I would honestly be surprised if she loses in GE15.

7. A far more mellow me in 2015 would disagree with myself of 2011. The GRC system has proven that it works in that it allows for minorities to be represented. Regardless of race, religion, sex and orientation (gulp!), only the GRC system would prevent popularist voting in every single constituency.

8. Pasir Ris - Punggol is now a much larger place. That said, Teo Ser Luck has done a fairly good job although the impression is that he isn't as high-flyer as before. Maybe he hasn't been standing out as much.

Looking forward to the General Election 2015!

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