Monday, August 10, 2015

Manchester United 1 Tottenham Hotspurs 0

So I managed to catch this while waiting for the big party event on National Day eve.

A win is a win and I'll take it any day, but there needs to be improvement.

Some observations:

1) Matteo Darmian Best Buy
The lowest profiled new buy this season and what a showing he had at RB. If he carries on like this he will undoubtedly be the best buy of the season. MOTM for me.

2) Daley Blind As CB
I must admit I'm a huge fan of Daley Blind. A utility player who's good at just about every position that's asked of him. Not the best, but always good enough. Unfortunately, Blind us not a CB. So he had a decent game, but sooner or later, his height and inexperience will be exposed by better opponents. Hopefully LVG can see that, otherwise I hope I'm wrong and he makes that left CB position his own.

3) Schweinsteigger Is Not Carrick
As much as I like him, I've always believed he's already past his best. Injuries are hampering his contributions to the team too. What he does bring however, is loads of experience and that winning mentality. I hope that rubs off on the younger guns soon.

4) Depay Needs To Be Unleashed
If he's going to excel in that #7 shirt, LVG needs to let him play more adventurously. He looked so restricted throughout the game, quite obviously on a fixed set of instructions that included not taking on opponents on the dribble. To be fair maybe it was LVG trying to ease him into the English game, lest he gets fouled on reputation too early on.

5) Lousy Day For Many
Honestly, these players had a shit game. Rooney, Young, Shaw, Mata all did well in the preseason but looked rusty in their first game. They really need to improve else give the subs a chance! Like Herrera and Fellaini! Sergio Romero looked like with some less anxious distribution he could be top class. Smalling actually played well.

Well it's still a great start to the season, so here's to winning the league this season!


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