Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore

And so our four day ultra long weekend is at its tail end. What a memorable weekend it has been, that even though we didn't travel overseas, it felt like a holiday in itself. I've had so much fun with the wifey and kids.

Watching NDP2015 yesterday, I couldn't help but swell with pride at every segment. From the show of force from our combined arms forces, the mobile columns, the orchids on LKY's chair, seeing so many foreign dignitaries grace our birthday celebrations, the kids putting up such an amazing performance, singing all the familiar Singapore songs, the fireworks, and so much more.

There is so much to be grateful for as we celebrate 50 years as an independent sovereign nation.

Having travelled all over the world so often, I have come to appreciate my home. The world is now my oyster and Singapore is my home. How lucky I am to be born here in an era when we were just striving out on our own. We Singaporeans are indeed an extremely lucky lot. And we have LKY to thank for.

Looking ahead, I hope the next 50 years will take us to the next lap, the next level. I am happy though, as long as we do not regress. There is little history of any nation to have progressed so quickly in merely 50 years and it would be all too easy to take it all back to square one if we are not careful. We will have to tread carefully and cautiously, and yet with enough adventure and aplomb to continue our onward growth.

I hope I can live to see our nation celebrate SG100. More importantly, I wish that my children will continue to have a safe, thriving, and positive environment to grow up and have families of their own in.

God bless you, Singapore.

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