Sunday, February 02, 2014

Stoke City 2 Manchester United 1

Is this the final straw? How many records are going to be broken before somebody gets the sack?

1) Full Blame On Moyes
Now that Mata is on board, you can't blame the team for lacking in quality. Simply put, David Moyes' tactics are seriously inept and predictable. Last night even with holy trinity of Rooney, Mata and RVP, we were still toothless.

2) Luck Can Be Made
What's the use of Moyes blaming everything on luck all the time? If its always down to luck that we are not winning games, then perhaps the tactics are simply not good enough that luck is so easily always a determining factor all too often this season. I think Moyes has blamed Lady Luck more this season than SAF has in the 26yrs he was at the helm.

3) Unlucky Injuries
Of course ironically we were a tad unlucky with Evans having to be subbed out in the 9th min and Jones being stretchered out. But with the full eleven players at our disposal, our defending could have been less horrendous an calamitous.

4) Alot Of Players Need To Go
Evra and Cleverly were most guilty of not worthy of wearing the shirt. Evra, maybe is too old and thinks he's on the way out anyway. Cleverly is just a headless chicken and is just a poor choice to start any game. There are alot more, but those two really stood out last night.

5) We Are Still A Quality Side
All said, we've got so much quality about us that it is astounding we couldn't win a game like last night's. At this stage, I can only blame the manager and his lousy, inexperienced backroom staff. As Moyes said last night, "What more do we have to do to win games?", with the answer being very simple, just change the manager. A quick look at Everton under Roberto Martinez shows the difference good, astute tactics can make.

Till then, I think I will finally cancel my Singtel MioTV subscription for now.

Nonetheless, I hope the good times come back soon.


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