Sunday, February 23, 2014

Crystal Palace 0 Manchester United 2

I'm writing this without having watched the match and relying solely on the stuff I've read. This might be the new normal if I really cancel my MioTV subscription.

1) Glad We Won
I'll take a 2-0 win against a relegation-threatened club these days. Going by how poorly we've been playing in 2014, I admit that I wasn't sure if we'd even get a draw last night. Such was the horrendous tactics I've been made to suffer with.

2) Glad I Didn't Watch The Match
Honestly, it wasn't about the match being screened at 1.30am in our parts of the globe. There just comes a time when enough is enough and it just isn't so worthwhile staying up to watch your favourite team any longer. Until the tactics really become aesthetically more pleasing, or we at least begin to play more towards our potential, this will be the new normal. Once again we hardly threatened even if we dominated possession, state of play until the first goal was largely subdued, and generally we did little to suggest that we would dominate smaller teams. In fact, if I really do cancel my MioTV subscription, I will obviously be watching far fewer matches.

3) Some New Things
That being said, as far as I've read, last night the boys played a more passing game with only 15 crosses in all! Aside from that Fellaini also had a surprisingly good game. Even Mata got to play in his favorite position. These are positive developments. And if Moyes is to stay at the club past this season, he'd better start improving his tactical nous. I'm still of the view that a more tactically astute manager should be in place though.

4) The Slow Climb Up The Table
With tonight's win, we leapfrog Everton, who were so unfortunate to lose to Chelsea in the final minute, to 6th. With 5pts separating us and 5th-placed Spurs, and 8pts from the 4th UCL spot, both with a game in hand, it seems like a foregone conclusion that our UCL dreams next season are over. At least if Man City beats Sunderland in the League Cup Final, we will have Europa League I play. Assuming we stay 6th of course. En again we could win the Champions League this season too. Haha.

5) Trying To Be Positive
Obviously everyone knows David Moyes will not be sacked this season. Maybe not even next season. With the team so healthy now, we can only look towards a good run again lousier opposition (even if they're away games), a good run in the UCL, and appreciating alot of the old guard for one last season. Players like Rio, Vidic, Evra and Giggs will not be around next season anymore. And so while we look forward to new superstars joining and hopefully have more commitment towards Moyes, we need to celebrate another generation of greats tht won everything there was to win under SAF (except the FA Cup!).


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