Monday, February 03, 2014

Moyes Out? Or Give Him More Time?

Somehow, THAT loss to Stoke City really bothered me. I've never seen so bad a performance before. Poor performance by the players, mixed with even poorer tactics from the manager makes for one very poisonous concoction. It really ruined my days after the match. Even right up till now.

So what now?

I've been trolling all my regular Man Utd news sources for something sane to digest and maybe to comfort myself that there are millions other fans out there feeling as miserable as me.

Here are the two best pieces of contrasting opinions I have found. And I realise, all Man Utd fans are either on one camp or the other. Go read both for a balanced view!

Moyes out!
Give Moyes more time!

I, for one, hope that Moyes gets the sack. He's been given enough time and the whole Juan Mata incredible buy example shows that he cannot tactically keep up with EPL strugglers, much less the best.

I doubt its gonna happen, but let's see it performances improve.

Heck, the performance was so bad I've 70% decided to cut off my Singtel MioTV contract. No point watching crap on TV right?


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