Monday, February 10, 2014

Manchester United 2 Fulham 2

Well the last minute goal sucked, but it could not take away the poor performance and poor tactics up on display at OT for all to see.

1) New Record For Bad Crossing
With almost a cross per minute, we must've set some new record last night. Too bad they were all aimless, lousy crosses that went nowhere. Everyone was getting in on the crossing display in fact. Pathetic.

2) Fulham Knows Our Only Strategy
As with the rest of the league, our sole strategy of GO WIDE - CROSS - HOPE was plain for all to see. And so every team plans their tactics against this single  successful plan we have up our sleeve.

3) The Players Look Resigned
It's pointless pinpointing anyone for a poor performance anymore. With poor tactics and knowing you need to obey them to get your next paycheck, the players themselves either just try their best or go through the motions. It's not like their starting spots are threatened anyway. In fact, I think most players hope NOT to get picked to start anymore. Even if we bought the best an most expensive, they would have played the same.

4) Bye Bye UCL
With this draw at home, it is almost certain that we will miss the Champions League next season. Not that it's unexpected, given our level of play. I wonder how the Glazers will react to this when it finally dawns upon them the actual revenue loss.

5) This Is The New Normal This Season
Get used to it. Every game will be a scrap and we'll definitely end up midtable. I hope Moyes gets the sack immediately but he won't. In all likelihood, he will be given at least till half of next season. Better buckle down. I am intending to cancel my Singtel MioTV end of this month.


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