Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Wolf Of Wall Street

Caught the movie while in Surabaya over the weekend.

Also slightly more than halfway through the book.

1) True To The Book
The movie follows very closely with the events and descriptions in the book. Some names have changed though.

2) Cuts Galore
I heard the Singapore censors cut about 5mins worth of debauchery and nudity footages, which is quite a shame. But in Surabaya, the Indonesian censors cut 15mins! That's really alot man. And you can tell as the cuts were quite obvious. The movie's even banned in Malaysia.

3) Jordan Belfort Is A Dick And A Star
The life of Jordan Belfort is but one of the many excessive banker stories we've heard so many times. Sometimes they are inspiring (yes, its true!) and other times they can be plain dumb. Noentheless these stories are always fun to read.

4) Leonardo DeCaprio Is Brilliant
I've always loved Leo as an actor. So watching his films have always been a pleasure. Here he is no different and he makes alot of the characteristics that make Jordan Belfort so real. One particular scene I love was the one where he was absolutely stoned and had to drag his body from the clubhouse to his car.

5) Good Film, Better Book
In spite of the movie being quite good, as always, the book is far better particularly with its descriptions. Afterall, screen adaptations are based on personal (the director's) interpretations anyway. I will definitely recommend the book to anyone, and can't wait to move on to his 2nd book, Catching The Wolf Of Wall Street.

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