Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Manchester United 2 Cardiff City 0

Woke at 3.30am to make milk for the kids and then decided to catch the rest of the match.

A 2-0 win with goals from RVP and a fantastic Ashley Young strike sealed the win.

1) Mata Debut
Was not perfect (no goal), but he got an assist and was very lively. His presence really gives a livelier impetus to the team. In fact he was so keen to impress, that he was also actively helping out in defence! Something he's been not really known for while at Chelsea. A good debut nonetheless.

2) RVP Is Back
And how much we miss his class. With him up front, there is so much difference in out potency going forward. Hopefully he can continue to stay fit and help us win games.

3) CM Still Running On Empty
With Mata running the show, it was easy to overlook the fact that our midfield was anchored by Giggs and Jones. Now IMHO, Jones individually is pretty ok as a DMF. But pairing him with Giggs means zero chemistry and no horsepower from one leg. Sadly, as much as I love Giggsy, the time has come for him to call it a day. Fletcher would have been a better choice. And Cleverly? Don't get me started on him.

4) We Need A New LB
We all love Evra. But like Giggs, he is way past it. It is time for change and Buttner is not gonna cut it either. Otherwise our defence of Rafael, Smalling and Evans is pretty perfect.

5) It's Only Cardiff
Hold your horses, Cardiff is not exactly strong opposition and we were expected to win this game at home! Greater tests lie ahead. Every game is precious now.


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