Monday, January 20, 2014

Chelsea 3 Manchester United 1

As expected, we lost. I knew it was coming but I stayed way past midnight to watch it anyways.

1) It's Not All Gloom & Doom
First things first, we didn't play as badly as I'd expect. If we keep this type of tempo up consistently, we can only improve. We pressed well and attacked constantly, showing an intent to win. In fact we had some of the better chances all throughout the match. So what went wrong?

2) Poor Finishing
To say Danny Welbeck had a poor day in the office would be a little harsh, but he had the best chances and couldn't really trouble Petr Cech. Everyone else also looked scared to take the final shot. We should be more gutsy trying to go for goal instead of always looking for the final pass.

3) Poor Defending
Our defending was seriously horrendous. Vidic made three mistakes all game resulting in them scoring twice and getting himself sent off. Tony V sucked offensively and defensively. Evra got injured and then Smalling was no LB.

4) Poor Tactics
Press, win the ball, restart at centre, distribute to wing, cross into box, hope for header or toepoke. Route one active from dear David Moyes. Maybe Januzaj had the license to do things differently but that aside, thats the only tactic we seem to know. Very disappointing, especially when our wingers have a terrible game. Yah both did.

5) Januzaj The Bright Spark
Considering that there will be a summer clearout, this 18yr old is our lone bright spark. Maybe Phil Jones, DDG and Rafael as well, but else there is nothing much else to look forward to this season unless we win the League Cup or UCL, both looking very unlikely.

Nonetheless, GGMU!!!

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