Sunday, October 18, 2020

Newcastle 1 Manchester United 4

 After our last match, I really anticipated the worst.

TBH this season hasn't started well and it really appears like it would be a long season ahead particularly after the crushing 6-1 defeat to Spurs

Last night's win feels like a tiny band-aid over a big crack.

Hopefully I am wrong, but when you are starting EPL games with Fred, Daniel James, and STILL sticking with Maguire, I really have little hope for  strong string of good results. 

We were headed for a draw at 1-1 until the last quarter of the game with the introduction of Donny Van De Beek. Then we got the winning goal followed by two more goals in extra time. 

Is that not a glossy win?

Anyway enough of the negativity.

The next five games are the most testing, starting with PSG in the UCL group stages, followed by Chelsea and then some.

Let's see where we are after this run.


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