Sunday, October 25, 2020

Broken Light Switch

 The light switch in the living room has been semi broken for some time already and yesterday afternoon it finally gave way, with the entire switch panel broken off. This meant I couldn't switch the light and fan on at all.

I surveyed around for nearby electricians and since I didn't want to wait till Monday to fix the problem (I'd have to survive through football Saturday and Sunday with no light or fan!), I willingly paid $90 for a handyman to come down quickly to fix it.

The switch broke around 3pm, and by 4.30pm he was here to fix it, which he did in less than 10mins. For me that was money well spent, service was also very prompt and good, even if the electrician said this was one of the easiest jobs he's done. $90 for the quick fix when some quotes were around $40-$50 if I were willing to wait until Monday.

Would strongly recommend using them. They are called LS Electrician Singapore. This is their website. I Googled for electricians and had surveyed the top three and they were most prompt with a reliable quote for my problem.

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