Wednesday, August 01, 2018


Thought of going for a run tonight, but ultimately I gave in to my own laziness and tiredness and decided to take my bath instead.

As I always do.

I'm clean now, so all the thoughts about exercise have just gone out the window.

I'm feeling very out of sorts lately.

On top of that my health does not seem so good.

Can't really pen down nor pinpoint exactly how I'm feeling, but it really is causing me grey hairs.

Something is eating me.

I really wish things could have been better and less complicated.

Maybe I think too much.

I live in two worlds right now.

One is flying great and the other is utterly bad.

When will this all end?

Should I decide my own fate and write my own story?

Will Man United win the EPL next season?

Such difficult questions to answer.

I want to be happy.

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