Saturday, August 18, 2018

One Busy Week

What a busy week it has been.

Had no time to post anything on Facebook.

Had no time to post anything on Instagram.

Had no time to post anything on LinkedIn.

Had no time to blog.

Until today.

My first blog post all week, on the rest day of Saturday.

I love the weekends.

I love living in my new home.

Right by the sea.

The sea breeze always in my face.

Takes the stress away.

The kids love it.

The wifey seems happy.

It is also better for my health.

Whenever I feel sick, the winds from the sea seem to blow the sickness away.

I just cross the road and I'm running at the ECP.

By the sea.

Sometimes I wished I didn't have to work anymore.

But work pays the bills.

Work increases my investing AUM.

Work keeps me busy.

Work diverts me from silly thoughts.

Work makes me feel useful.

Work makes me appreciate my colleagues.

I want to achieve financial freedom at some point.

Hopefully in the form of passive income from my investments.

A monthly stipend to cover what I earn every month.

Then I would have achieved financial independence.

Towards a better life.

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