Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War

It is the Labour Day May first holiday today and what better way to catch an early screening of the latest Avengers movie?


Oh my.


What an epic movie.

I am still digesting it as I type.

1) The movie is just so beautifully epic and complete, yet still so incomplete. This almost 3 hour epic really gave enough screen time to so many characters. It also told the full story so well and beautifully constructed, even if Thanos were to win in the end, closing more than 10 years of MCU movies very, very well. Yet the whole story opens a whole new cinematic universe of possibilities, with the most important question "What happens next?" still to be answered.

2) So many deaths. How to process? The worst IMO was that of Spiderman's. "I don't want to go", Peter Parker said to Tony Stark as he disappeared in his arms. So sad, and it made a lot of kids cry. Gamora's death as a sacrifice to get the Soul stone was also painful to watch, yet somewhat predictable.

3) At least we know Captain America, Ironman, Thor are still alive.

4) Thanos' reason to eliminate half the universe actually makes sense to me. To be honest, his rationale that half the universe needs to disappear in order to preserve its existence is a very rational one IMO. Already on earth, we are talking about overpopulation, extreme pollution, climate change etc, and this is very much due to the work of us humankind. So after he achieves his goal, where did all his minions go? He was all alone in the end.

5) Must watch a second time.

6) The end credits show Nick Fury and Maria Hill disintegrating as well, only for Nick to drop this pager thingy as he disappears. showing the colours and logo of Captain Marvel. This is super exciting, opening up so many new possibilities for the MCU in upcoming films. Although where was she the last 10 years also probably needs to be answered.

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