Sunday, April 29, 2018

Fatherhood Reflections XLVII - DSA?

Haha I'm kidding.

I'm not THAT kiasu.

DSA is Direct Schools Admission, and usually associated with a sport that helps a child get through to a good secondary school without the need to fulfill the high academic requirements.

Today I played an hour of table-tennis with the boy.

I'm not too bad at table-tennis myself, considering I have a brother who was a teenage star player and a father who was a badminton winner.

I really hope he enjoyed it as much as I did coaching him. Basically he just needs to work on his hand-eye coordination much like I had the same problems with when I was his age. We practiced serving the ball straight, and hitting against the wall. It is really helpful that we have the table-tennis facilities in our condo, so it is very conducive to continue this training for him.

Who knows it might really catch on to turn into something bigger for him?

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