Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day 2016

I should be happy.

The feeling of listening to your kids say,"I love you and I miss you very much." should make me happy.

Instead I'm wondering why I'm so far away from them right now.

I got a nice new haircut for only $4.50 yesterday afternoon. It included a wash and a blow-dry.

I wore my SBO and helmet this morning for the longest time. It's been so long since I stood in a parade that I felt faint in the heat of the morning sun.

I think I'm going to develop pimples or rashes around my chin for not having washed my helmet chinstrap in more than 20 years!

Victory upon us all! 

May we be victorious in coming home safely, with happy memories/lessons.

Here's wishing myself a happy Father's Day!

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