Monday, June 06, 2016

Fatherhood Reflections XXII - Dear Kids 06/06/16

Dear Kids,

I thought about penning this letter to the both of you as I was jogging earlier.

Better to be penning these thoughts down than always being so absorbed with my three Clash of Clans accounts.

You see, at some stage of my life, young as I may be, I will almost become senile, that I know. How do I know? I can just feel it. So before I forget these daily passing thoughts, what better way than to put it all in my blog which I can hopefully refer to in the future?

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you both how much I love you.

I love everything about you two, even all that stuff that gets me riled up and angry. Being around the two of you means the world to me.

Everyday I thank my lucky stars that I have two adorable kids who are getting smarter and smarter with each passing day. I know you are getting smarter because you are starting to get my jokes and my nonsense.

I wished my health and my legs would hold up till you guys grow older. Yet I know my knees are definitely failing me. My right knee has already been operated on once. My left knee feels like it badly needs an operation. So I fear I won't be able to show you my fantastic athletic abilities and acumen in so many sports. Yet I so really want to.

I'm trying to live more healthily so my health doesn't deteriorate so fast. This way I can still keep with you once you both hit your teens. As you can see, the lack of exercise makes me fat, so I'm trying to jog more than I normally feel like. I'm really the sort that hates individual exercise, so running, swimming, cycling, are all chores to me. Yet I will resort to that if it keeps me healthy.

I wish I had more time with you, I really do. Sadly I am caught up in the rat race. Its true. Having to choose between giving you guys a better life over struggling to make ends meet, I really want you both to be brought up in a more affluent environment, and hence to me it was a no-brainer way back when. Yet now I do wonder if I've made the right choice. 可能平凡也是一种幸福?I dunno. But that is why I treasure my after-work hours and weekends so much with you. I know that in time you won't want me around your lives as you grow older, so the more time I can spend now the better.

I wish that the both of you will continue growing up so well, in happiness, health and prosperity. May there be even more of such days to come.

Loving you lots,


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