Thursday, June 23, 2016

Childhood Memories I - ECAs

Using this title to help recount the past.

One day when I'm old and senile, hopefully I can return to these posts to help me jog my failing memory.

Let's start with my ECAs (Extra Curricular Activities). That's what it was used to be called.

Here's what I was a part of in school:

Primary 1: None
Primary 2: None
Primary 3: Badminton, Scouts
Primary 4: Scouts
Primary 5: Scouts, Hockey
Primary 6: Scouts, Hockey

Secondary 1: Scouts
Secondary 2: Scouts
Secondary 3: Scouts
Secondary 4: Scouts

JC1: Volleyball, Sea Sports Club
JC2: Sea Sports Club

Army: Basketball, Hockey

Uni: Boggle, Scrabble, Hockey, Football, Water Polo, Rugby, Sepak Takraw

I would like to think that my growing up years were really fun-filled. To a point where it was at the expense of my academic results. Yet I have no regrets, especially with the various life skills I've learnt.

I remember that my dad wanted me to take up badminton since he was so good at it when he was young. That didn't work out. Instead I've always wanted to be a part of a football team since young. Sadly I wasn't good enough in a neighborhood primary school, then my secondary school didn't have a football team, finally I couldn't make the cut in JC :( I finally got that chance in University to represent my Hall in football.

Yet in all four years playing at right back, we never won anything. Still I was proud of playing. The one year we almost advanced to the semis, we played against Hall 7 and we held them to a draw, which was admirable. And when the game went to penalty kicks, I missed my shot, ballooning it high above the goal. The wifey was watching even. So 丢脸can?

The next best memories were my scouting adventures. I was a scout in primary school and was quite the adventurer, so it was natural that I joined the same ECA in secondary school. My four years there taught me a great deal of things from regimentation, discipline,  various outdoor skills, survival skills, chasing girls, talking cock and many more. Lifelong takeaways and many first times, both good and bad, were done under the scouting umbrella. So many memories there that I cannot cover it all (nor remember them).

In university my love for Scrabble and Boggle was amplified by the introduction of competition. So fierce was the competition and politics that I was basically practicing almost every day in the months prior to the the year end competition. We had such an all-star line-up of masters of Scrabble that it was unbelievable. I believe you can still find a blog about that somewhere in this blog.

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