Friday, December 04, 2015

The Reunion

Recently I was graciously invited to a meeting of alot of ex staff.

It felt somewhat weird to be a minority amongst them, and yet all so familiar. There were very good vibes and old comraderie (we were a pretty close bunch once) over a night of drinks.

Sometimes I wonder how things could have turned out so differently had I made various decisions differently over the last few years.

At times it also felt like some of us were still clinging on to something we knew wasn't there anymore yet the mere reminiscing of those times made everything worth the effort to meet up.

It was nice seeing everyone again and talk about 'the good old days'. Yet everyone knew that those days were gone.

In life we unknowingly take a lot of things for granted. We should take a moment everyday to be appreciative of all that we already have around us.

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