Saturday, December 19, 2015

Bali 2015

Our first family holiday of the year.

So far, it's been going so well that my only regret is not having extended it by one more day. Here's a quick recap so far.

Day 1
Swimming in resort
Swimming in resort
Swimming in resort
Jimbaran Bay for seafood dinner

Day 2
Water Bom Bali - voted #3 best water park in the world and it lived up to the hype somemore! Particularly power rides are The Climax and Smashdown 2.0. Unfortunately we couldn't bring the cameras in, so no pictures, but the kids loved it and it is world-class, especially where being kids-friendly was concerned.
Dinner in resort

Day 3
Bali Safari & Marine Park - started off abit underwhelming and expensive, but ended off okay. The main gripe is that the park seems to have more emphasis on paid entertainment over animal exhibits. The 1/2hr safari journey and the 1hr Bali Agung theatre show made up for it though.

It's been an awesome trip so far and the kids really love it.

More updates to come...

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